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Our Mission

At the Alaska Center for Medicine, we strive to provide optimal wellness through a balanced and versatile approach to healthcare.  Our providers strive to attain a focused and insightful relationship with patients, providing personal and comprehensive healthcare.  By encouraging each individuals’ inherent self-healing process, providers seek to remedy the cause of aliments and reduce the harmful suppression of symptoms when possible.  Our priorities are to provide ideal healthcare while being respectful and attentive to our patients needs.   

Our Practice

Located in the hearth of Interior Alaska in Fairbanks, our team of specialists provides a wide range of services including Naturopathic medicine, Nurse Practitioner care, Acupuncture, Chiropractic care, Counseling, Massage and Spa treatment. Working together, our providers assist Alaskans in reaching their full health potential by using a wide range of treatments to heal each persons specific aliment.  By combing the wisdom of natural medicine and the rigors or modern medicine, our practice provides the tools to achieve optimal health.

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