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Yes, That is an Avocado in My Purse.

Follow resident nutritionist Cicely Shankle's journey to Ketosis as she chronicles her experience adhering to the "Keto Diet". Every day a new post, every day a new adventure.


Supporting our patients through treating the whole person.



At the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine, we have a rich palette of medical providers whom have a plethora of specialties and backgrounds.



Everything from naturopathic care, acupuncture, plasma rich platelet facials, and much more. We strive to have available what you need for optimal health.



Located at 3039 Davis Road, Fairbanks, AK, this 10,000 sq foot facility is home to wonderful patients, brilliant professionals, and amazing art from local artists.



Want to be prepared when you walk into our clinic? Download, print, and fill out all the forms you need here! 


Annual Report

Dedicated to health.

We are extremely proud to serve the Fairbanks community with a world class medical team. Whether it be through education, one on one patient visits, or participation in community events, we strive to grow a fantastic relationship with the people of Fairbanks and Alaska at large.

The 2016 Annual Report characterizes everything about our patients on the macro level. Their ages, how they learned about us, where they reside, etc. It even includes a thorough explanation of how we accomplished our mission to help Alaskans reach their full health potential.

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