Yes, That is an Avocado in My Purse - Day Three


Weight: 144.4 lbs / Mood: refreshed, happy

Did not have breakfast since I woke up later than usual.

Lunch: Shrimp salad with 1/2 cup guacamole and 1/2 an avocado. 2 cups of black coffee. - Mood: a bit concerned I may have eaten some carbs. 

I went out to Taco Azteca with my mom for lunch today. Although the meal was great, there were some beans (refried, I think) on the bottom (it was served in a tortilla bowl), so I didn’t discover them until I got to the bottom of my salad. Hopefully that is ok! Three bites were taken before I noticed that the texture of my salad was getting more mushy and warm. 

Snack: 1 cup broccoli florets and 3.5 tbsp ranch (did not hold back on the dip), stick of Colby cheese, a small handful of unsweetened coconut flakes (about 3 Tbsp)

Dinner - 2/3 of Carl’s Jr. guacamole burger, lettuce wrapped. (They forgot my bacon!! Grr...)

Exercise: I played 2 games of competitive soccer tonight which totaled approximately 3 hours. The Fairbanks soccer leagues are always in need of additional female players so I opted to play a doubleheader in order to help out a friend's team. I did not feel like I ran out of energy, although I was a bit fatigued by the second half of the second game. When I got home, I felt fine but after my shower, I was absolutely exhausted before bed. Passed right out.

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