Yes, That is an Avocado in My Purse - Day Seven


Weight: 144.2 lbs / Mood: Ok

Breakfast: Coffee and 2 Tbsp of heavy cream, no stevia. 

Lunch: 1/2 cup cucumber and eggs (a Chinese dish), 3 pieces steamed Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage), 3 fresh oysters with lemon juice. - Mood: slight headache and nausea about 30 minutes after eating. I chugged some water and it went away 30 mins later.

Had lunch with my mom today and she made an assortment of random Chinese dishes (kind of like the small plates of sides you get at Korean restaurants.) The oysters were slow boiled and the cucumber-egg dish was sauteed in olive oil. Not sure why I did not feel so hot after the meal. (No, I do not think it was the oysters. I can normally tolerate oysters just fine.) I think I may have been slightly dehydrated at the time. 

Dinner: 1/3 prime rib from the restaurant Turtle Club, 2 handfuls of romaine salad with sprouts, shredded cheese, peas, red onion, a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and ranch. 2 shots of Tito’s vodka, sipped on throughout the night. - Mood: very satisfied and a little buzzed :D

My boyfriend took me out to dinner at the Turtle Club for a nice Sunday evening meal. It was not as busy as it usually is AND I was able to get a keto-friendly drink in. I noticed that my tolerance for alcohol is decreased while on the keto diet. I could "feel"  my drinks much more than I would normally. 

Late night snack: small handful blueberries, couple bites of leftover prime rib 

Cicely Shankle is a resident nutritionist at the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine. To learn more about Cicely, call 907.452.3600 or click, here.