image credit: A Manuel of Acupuncture- Peter Deadman, Mazin Al-Khafaji , Kevin Baker

image credit: A Manuel of Acupuncture- Peter Deadman, Mazin Al-Khafaji , Kevin Baker

So I think I’ll just start walking us through the channel system. This channel system, much like highways- is all interconnected. So I will walk us through this system in the order in which it flows into itself.

Let’s start with the Lung Meridian.

Above- you can see the trajectory, and you can imagine a line of Energy/Qi/Force weaving in and out of physiology and structure.

The Energy of the Lung Mechanism, in part, serves as the defensive Qi of the body. Called Wei Qi. According to TCM theory- the force and intelligence of this Energy is what protects us from pathogens such as cold and flu. What do you let in?  There are a few easy things you can do to strengthen and support this mechanism.

  • Deep and conscious breathing

  • Acupuncture and Herbal medicine

  • Qi gong/ Tai Chi/ Yoga

  • Asian pears

There is an incredibly supportive, mild and effective formula that I always take during cold and flu season- or when everyone around me is sick. It is called Yu Ping Feng San and it is a simple 3 herb formula. I’ve always got it in my medicine cabinet. Start a conversation with your Acupuncturist about it- and if you do not have an Acupuncturist- come in and talk to me.

Some ways in which a depletion in this system will manifest, or maybe better phrasing could be- some signs that the energetic mechanism in the lung network could use some support are: Frequently catching colds, chronic cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, history of asthma, low energy, COPD… etc… The combination of Acupuncture and herbs can start changing the internal environment of this network and really start to restore balance and vitality.

Another aspect of the Lungs through the lens of Chinese Medicine is that they house a spirit, or an idea or concept. The spirit or idea/ concept of the Lungs is associated with attachment and loss. It is your bodies attachment to life. The spirit of your instinctual nature. It is your breath. A constant cycle of gain and loss. In and out. How much can you stand to lose? How do you bear it? How bizarre that we have such a huge capacity for attachment- in a life experience where the very nature of things is to begin and end. We are constantly dealing with loss and it is the spirit of the Lungs and the strength of that network that bears it.


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