The Heart.

O The Heart.

Image credit: A Manuel of Acupuncture- Peter Deadman, Mazin Al-Khafaji, Kevin Baker

Image credit: A Manuel of Acupuncture- Peter Deadman, Mazin Al-Khafaji, Kevin Baker

Chinese Medicine refers to the Heart as the ‘Empress/Emperor’. The Heart- oversees all processes in the body, much like an Empress/Emperor oversees all the processes of their territory.

This is another of the organs that houses a Spirit, or an idea/ concept. This is the spirit of ones Consciousness. Different from the Conscious Thought of the Spleen. This is just Consciousness.  I think this is the closest thing to the Soul. The irreducible part of ones nature. If we look at the Kidney energy as the backbone of our destiny- this would be the hands. This is how we use our destiny, our potential- to touch the world.

I mentioned earlier that the energy of the Kidney system is undifferentiated chaos. The Heart, the seat of ones consciousness, plays a large role in the differentiation of this chaos. “Follow your Heart” and all that.


Another thing about the Heart. It’s element is Fire. Which is GREAT. As long as this is  properly checked by different energetic systems in the body. However, sometimes, the systems that keep this fire in check can become depleted and lose this ability. Then we have a Heart Fire that is not contained. Now- instead of being a beautiful driving, opening and welcoming force- it becomes anxiety, palpitations and nervousness.

Let’s also talk about the blood of the Heart. So the blood of the heart provides a density in which the Spirit of our consciousness can rest. So- if we have a deficiency in the blood in this network- this will manifest as restlessness and insomnia. Now- this doesnt mean you are anemic- or on some downward shoot to death. One of the differences between Acupuncture/ Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine is the point at which they validate a disease/disorder. Chinese Medicine looks closely, deeply, and at the subtle. Often calling something out long before it would show up (if ever) on Western radar. Some call this preventative medicine, I call it working with the subtle.

So, all you restless Hearts out there. Come in.


Any questions?

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