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Another Year for the Books.


Here is a description of the accomplishments of the last year. Etiam et turpis mattis, mauris efficitur, ultrices diam. Donec consectetur, odio eget porta, orci mauris viverra ante, eget egestas turpis sapien vel orci. Nec mauris viverra ante placerat sodales. 


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Who are our patients?


We are proud to serve a wide variety people within Fairbanks, Alaska, and beyond. As part of our extensive research to understand our patients, we have dedicated hundreds of hours to collecting analyzing data throughout the year. Because of this, we have created a quantifiable perspective of who walks through our doors on a macro level.

In the year 2016 we saw more women than men. In fact, 65.5% of our patients were women compared to 34.5% who were men. Regarding ages,  we attracted people of all stages of life. Ages 25-34, 35-44, 45-55, and 55-64 were fairly even when it came to their share of our patient load. All of which constituted 17.5-20%.

Where our patients reside is another relevant characteristic we deem important to understand. To measure this, we tally zip codes. According to our data, 50% live within Fairbanks city limits. The other half claim North Pole (19.5%), Farmers Loop/Fox (16%), and surrounding small communities as their homes. 

While there are many different industries people choose to work within, we did see some types of work more represented than other. In particular, education and health care. 15.5% of our patients were people who worked within the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, and other education institutions. 13% of patients work in healthcare (Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Tanana Valley Clinic, and various small clinics). Other industries represented include: construction/labor unions, government, and retail.




of our patients are FEMALES


of our patients reside ARE MALES



of our patients reside within Fairbanks city limits


of our patients work in education (UAF, FNSBSD, ETC)


Understanding how patients use our services. 


Another way we try to understand our patients is to analyze statistically which services they utilize. This is important because we need to know what is most in demand. While some services like acupuncture have their patients see them more often, others have more patients.

When studying new patients and their initial visit, naturopathic care is king. In fact, 50% of patients see a naturopathic doctor for their initial visit. The rest of the 50% was divided as follows: 19% acupuncture, 15% massage, 10.5% chiropractic, 4% counseling, and 1% nurse practitioner.

Upon analyzing all appointments in 2016, a different story unfolded. Naturopathic care was still the number one service utilized, however it only constituted 32%. Acupuncture and chiropractic care follow at 29% and 14%, respectively. Massage (13%), counseling (9%), and nurse practitioner (3%) round out the rest of the list.


Services Utilized (percentage)

Figure reflects the percentage of services utilized by appointments at ACNM, 2016

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We want people to know who we are. We understand how we can help.  


First friday, april

We have a fantastic service and we do our best to introduce ourselves to Fairbanks as much as possible. Whether it be through events, radio advertisements, or making sure we have a strong presence on the internet, one of our top goals is make sure people understand who we are.

In 2016, we made it priority to participate in community events. The Go! Winter Expo, A Women's Affair, and Midnight Sun Run are some examples of the larger events. But we also attended various health fairs hosted by Alaska Health Fair (non profit), spoke at UAF's Healthy Lecture Series, and even hosted a First Friday! For our efforts, 9% of patients claimed that they were introduced to us through these events, a 3.5% increase from 2015. 

Another goal we set for ourselves was to boost our internet presence. Facebook, YouTube, blogging, and a strong website was the focus. As a result,  15.7% of new patients claimed the internet as the reason they learned about us, 5.3% more than the previous year.

Of all the different circumstances in which you could find out about the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine, there is one that we are most definitely proud of - referrals. 47% of people became aware of ACNM through friends and family recommending us. Meaning the most effective form of marketing is how we treat our patients and satisfaction with their medical care!



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