Understanding how patients use our services. 


Another way we try to understand our patients is to analyze statistically which services they utilize. This is important because we need to know what is most in demand. While some services like acupuncture have their patients see them more often, others have more patients.

When studying new patients and their initial visit, naturopathic care is king. In fact, 50% of patients see a naturopathic doctor for their initial visit. The rest of the 50% was divided as follows: 19% acupuncture, 15% massage, 10.5% chiropractic, 4% counseling, and 1% nurse practitioner.

Upon analyzing all appointments in 2016, a different story unfolded. Naturopathic care was still the number one service utilized, however it only constituted 32%. Acupuncture and chiropractic care follow at 29% and 14%, respectively. Massage (13%), counseling (9%), and nurse practitioner (3%) round out the rest of the list.


Services Utilized (percentage)

Figure reflects the percentage of services utilized by appointments at ACNM, 2016

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