Cean attended Massage Therapy School at Higher Elevations Healing Arts School, located in Eagle, Colorado.  The curriculum is built around students having a strong base in both Anatomy and Kinesiology, mixed with resort spa techniques and modalities. Whitmarsh has been certified in Colorado and Texas as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). He also has advanced training in Orthopedic Medical Massage and massage techniques with Advanced Bodywork and Education in Grapevine, Tx.   As a Nationally Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (MMP), Cean utilizes Orthopedic Medical Massage to bring together techniques like Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Structural Integration, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching, Orthopedic Assessment, Muscle Energy Techniques and Continuum Care.  

I’m not a healer and I’m not a doctor, I’m just a mechanic
— Lauren Berry


The body is a machine, with overlapping mechanical systems much like a car or a house, and should be maintained as such.  Kinesiology is "the study of the mechanics of body movements" and is at the core of Orthopedic Medical Massage.  It is the goal of Orthopedic Medical Massage to alleviate or remediate musculoskeletal issues, not just help you feel good for a couple of days.  This happens by systematically normalizing imbalances through soft tissue manipulation, creating necessary space in the joints and structures and mitigating adhesions and compensation patterns.  Basically, the goal is to get you back to where you were before the trauma.   


 Ignorance is not always bliss.

Functional imbalance is pandemic at this point.  Postural imbalance creates more than just muscle pain, it can limit what day to day tasks you can or can't do.  People are just awakening to the fact that there are alternatives to the addiction cycles of pain pills and doctor visits followed by injections and surgery.  There is an actual need for Orthopedic Medical Massage and Postural Correction, or more so a need to function and function properly.


Curious, I enjoy learning and puzzles.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family of girls - my wife and five daughters; studying martial arts, and enjoying the outdoors.  My girls are active outdoor enthusiast as well and each is as individual as can possibly be. Martial arts creates a sense of community and an understanding of the discipline and commitment necessary to obtain large and long term goals. The outdoors is refuge from the business of daily life and a chance to connect with my family and myself.

What is an Orthopedic Manual Therapist?

Manual Therapy is any therapy applied by hand. Even though Manual Therapy is defined by the therapist/physician using their hand as the contact for the therapy being done, the term Manual Therapy is usually expanded to include other contacts, such as the forearm, elbow, foot, or tools used in hand to elicit the same response.  An Orthopedic Manual Therapist uses special orthopedic testing, movement and postural analysis, and Advanced Therapy Techniques to elicit specific results and address the chronic underlying structural inadequacies, in addition to, the acute symptomatic pains and discomforts.

What is Medical Massage?

Simply put, Medical Massage is outcome-based manual therapy.  Primarily, Medical Massage involves the application of a specific therapy treatment, or protocol, targeted to the specific problem(s) the patient presents with in conjunction with a diagnosis, and/or prescription, from a licensed medical provider/physician/therapist.  Targeted manual therapy techniques are administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation by the Medical Massage practitioner with specific outcomes being both the basis, and a measure, for treatment.