Ellie is a nationally board certified and licensed acupuncturist in Alaska and Colorado. Attracted to the healing arts from a young age, she has had the fortune of working among talented massage therapists, energy workers, acupuncturists, herbalists, and doctors. She is grounded by the rhythms of nature, loves connecting with others, and sees the significance of balancing mind, body, and spirit.  Remaining creative and curious about the healing process, Ellie is committed to encouraging positive change in the lives of her patients. 

Schools attended/degrees:  

Awards/Special Training:

What are your specialties?

Acupuncture and herbal prescriptions for stress management and psycho-emotional health, addiction recovery, acute and chronic pain management, women’s health and fertility concerns, and supportive care for optimal gastrointestinal function.

What do you like to treat and why?

I believe "health" describes a dynamic and integrated mind-body state that is shaped by both internal and external conditions. Because the environments within and around us are continually evolving responsibility! In my work, I strive to promote optimal balance for my patients, meeting physical and emotional needs as they arise. I consider the total health of my patients, so I am routinely investigating a variety of systems. Areas I am often researching include (but definitely not limited to!): digestive health and nutrition, stress and psycho-emotional health, hormonal balance, and physiological and musculoskeletal function.

So more than "what", I would say I most enjoy witnessing the positive changes that holistic medicine can bring an individual. It is truly a privilege to be part of the process of cultivating wellness in others - from small, short-term goals to major, sweeping transformation!

How long have you been in Alaska and why did you move here?

I have been in Alaska since September of 2016. I moved to practice in an exceptional clinic - that supports an incredible community - surrounded by an awesome landscape! 

Where have you lived before Alaska?

Boulder, CO - Burlington, VT - Santa Fe, NM - and Boston, MA 

Previous careers?

A colorful variety of customer service and office admin gigs, from hardware store retail to medical office reception. Favorites (before acupuncturist) have been: art gallery manager, sample-board-maker for an Italian mosaics wholesale company, chocolate factory tour guide, and slide-maker for the UVM art history department.

Painting, black and white flim photography, hiking, listening to music, travelling, reading, writing, cooking, and knitting!

Hobbies and other interests?

Painting, black and white flim photography, hiking, listening to music, travelling, reading, writing, cooking, and knitting!


Not yet!

Book or website recommendations for patients?

Other inspiring folks: Brene Brown, Byron Katie, Chogyam Trungpa