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Essence Qigong with Dr. Judith Boice, ND, LAc

  • Alaska Center for Natural Medicine 3039 Davis Road Fairbanks, AK, 99709 United States (map)

Cost: $150 (includes book and 2 CD's)

Class includes:

  • 10 hours of instruction (8 hours on 6/18/16; and 2 hours for a follow up class at a time to be determined by the students in the class, usually 2 - 3 weeks after the original class).

  • 1 Essence Qigong book

  • 1 Essence Qigong CD (guides you through the practice)

  • 1 Four Route Relaxation/Mingling Qi with the Universe CD (could also simplify and call it "lying down relaxation qigong CD")

General Information About Qigong

Essence Qigong is a system of slow, gentle movements that supports internal organs and glands; reduces inflammation; improves sleep and mood; and increases overall quality of life. 

Qi means life-force or vitality, and gong means "practice," so QIGONG is the practice of cultivating vitality. The first records of qigong date back 10,000 years. Until about thirty years ago, however, qigong was not widely practiced, even in China. Qigong forms were passed through family lineages, much like healing traditions among Native American people. Usually the information was shared only with the males in the family.

Three decades ago certain qigong practitioners and healers decided to share their knowledge with the general public. Men and women began to learn and practice qigong in the public parks in China. Twenty years ago these practices began to filter into North America and Europe. I practiced qigong for nearly three years before I understood how fortunate we are to have access to qigong in the west.

Dr. Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO

Dr. Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO

More Specific to Essence Qigong

Professor Fu Yin Chen, director of the Chinese Academy of Somatic Sciences, developed Chinese Essence Qigong after years of research and discussion among scientists, traditional Chinese medicine experts, philosophers and the major Qigong masters in China. Professor Fu Yin Chen, introduced Essence Qigong to the public in 1987. He began teaching the form in North America in 1994, and hundreds of American students have learned since.

Chinese Essence Qigong distills the essence of the five major types of Qigong in China: Confucionist, Buddhist, Daoist, medical, and martial art Qigong. This form has all the merits of both traditional and contemporary Qigong. Essence Qigong is easy to learn and harmonizes body, spirit and mind. Through years of practice by thousands of people, this form has been proven to be very effective in eliminating diseases, improving health, balancing emotions and refining the spirit.

For an article on Judith's teacher, Professor Chen, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from practicing qigong? Anyone wanting to improve physical health, mental clarity, emotional balance and/or spiritual vitality will benefit from qigong. Practicing qigong can increase energy, improve concentration and focus, and develop peace of mind. In addition, clinical studies in China have demonstrated that can qigong can address chronic illnesses, including cancer.

Are the exercises difficult? The movements are simple and slow and do not require great athletic ability. In fact, elderly, wheelchair-bound and terminally ill patients can easily perform these exercises.

Do I have to adopt a new philosophy or religion to learn qigong? No, qigong is not a religion. Many practitioners do experience increased peace and openheartedness. These changes are a result of practice, though, not from adopting a new belief system or religious doctrine.

How much do I need to practice to see benefits? For most people, 30 - 40 minutes per day is recommended.

Please note: practice of this form is strongly contra-indicated for those diagnosed with schizophrenia, borderline personality, bipolar disorder, and other disorders of this nature.

Dr. Judith Boice has been teaching qigong for 15 years. She is a certified instructor of Essence Qigong, Soaring Crane Qigong, and Awakening Light Gong. Dr. Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO is a naturopathic doctor practicing at the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine. To make an appointment with Dr. Boice, call our front desk at 907.452.3600!