According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), obesity is ranked among the top diseases in the U.S.  More than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults have obesity and more than 30% of adults in Alaska have been reported obese. Obesity has been linked to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and certain types of cancer. Subsequently, heart disease is the #1 cause of morbidity. The good news is obesity is preventable and so are the obesity related illnesses.


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At the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine, we care about your health and we want to help eradicate those preventable illnesses, decrease the statistics, and get to the root cause of the problem. Starting January 8th, 2018, we will be offering an 8-week weight loss program to help you live your best life and get you on your way to optimal health.

Our program includes:

1.    A 30-minute initial consultation with Dr. Firlande Volcy

·         In the 30-minute initial consultation, Dr. Volcy will discuss your short-term and long-term goals as well as your personal weight loss challenges and hindrances. Dr. Volcy will help you understand the many factors that can negatively affect weight loss. By the end of your visit, you will be provided with an individualized plan, your first 7-day food diary to help you keep track of your diet and exercise routines, and the tools you need for a successful weight loss.

2.    Weigh-in and measurements check-in

·         We know the scale is inconsistent and not always friendly. In fact, it can be the least favorable representation of your hard work. Therefore, we have included both weigh-in and measurements of four crucial areas in your weekly check-in to help you understand your progress at diverse angles.

3.    15-minute weekly follow-ups

·         Immediately following your weigh-in and measurements, Dr. Volcy will seat with you for 15 minutes to assess your progress, revisit your goals, review your food journal from the prior week, provide the next journal for the following week, and discuss best strategies to stay on task and accomplish your weight loss goals.

4.    Health and nutrition classes/workshops

·         Knowledge is powerful, when you know better you can do better. Thus, don’t miss out on the bi-weekly health and nutrition classes/workshops at the clinic. These classes will provide valuable information on proper diet and nutrition, tricks to food shopping, reasons why your body could be holding on to weight, exercises that can enhance weight loss, and so much more. 



This program was put together with you in mind. You will be provided with guidelines, tools, and the perfect environment to finally lose those stubborn pounds and make 2018 the best year of your life. Sign up today at the front desk by calling 907.452.3600 or email (click here) and be on your way to optimal health.