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3039 Davis Road
Fairbanks, AK, 99709
United States of America

(907) 452-3600

Located in Fairbanks, the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine provides a balanced approach to healthcare, including naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, counseling, massage and spa services, and more.

Our Team

Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.



From internal, physical, and mental health, we have an outstanding practitioner for you. 


Naturopathic Doctors
Scott Luper, ND
Jade Robins, ND
Firlande Volcy, ND

Physical Medicine
Michael Sciortino, DC                            Shawna Victorino, DC
Ellie Grove, LAc, MSOM
Diane Little Eagle, LAc, OMD, CCH
Regina Letonek, LMT
Brandee Beers, LMT
Alyce Welch, LMT

Mental Health
Bruce Hill, PhD, LMFT, CEAP



Our front desk is friendly, competent, and strong. You got the questions, they have the answers.


Jessica Loughridge
Front Desk Representative     

Keegan Willett


Aimee Humphrey
Front Desk Representative


Keke Cockrell
Medical Assistant



The business office is the stealthy, behind the scenes group you don't often see. They handle individual accounts, insurance companies, and event planning.


Rebekah Humphrey
Business Office Manager

Michael Zuniga
Marketing and Outreach Director

Heather Carmichael
Business Consultant


Emery Luper
Business Office Manager

Tessa Salzman
Billing Specialist

Audrey Luper
Business Consultant

Scott Luper
Medical Director

Ryan Rains
Front Desk Representative / Billing Specialist