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From internal, physical, and mental health, we have an outstanding practitioner for you.

Teresa Miles, ND
Rodert Cole, ND

Insomnia Treatment

Jessica Lilly, ND

Men’s Health

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Jeremy Dudes, ND


Nina Richards, ND

Diabetes treatment

Helena Bridgmonte, ND


Our front desk is friendly, competent, and strong. You got the questions, they have the answers.

Aimee Humphrey
Front Desk Representative     

Keegan Willett

Christina Robinson
Front Desk Representative

Yomarys Whittaker
Medical Assistant, Marketing Assistant

Daniel Blair
Front Desk Representative


The business office is the stealthy, behind the scenes group you don’t often see. They handle individual accounts, insurance companies, and event planning.

Rebekah Humphrey
Business Office Manager

Hannah Dubs
Billing Specialist

Audrey Stack
Clinic Director

Bailee Ballard
Billing Specialist

Michael Zuniga
Marketing and Outreach Director

Alaska Center for Natural Medicine Team of Doctors and Pharmacists

Our experienced personal can help you to treat all diseases like insomnia, thrush, diabetes, Cosmetology, Psychology, Erectile Dysfunction, asthma, diabetes, thrush, heart and stomach problems, irritable bowel disease, colitis, heartburn, intestinal infections, and Crohn’s disease.

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