Spring signifies transformation, renewal, growth, and cleansing. It is that time of the year when the body can undergo the most changes and transform rapidly from fat storing to fat metabolism. Spring is also the time for cleansing. The body is ready to cleanse and let go of the toxins, fats, and mucus accumulated during the winter months. Hence, Spring is one of the best season to begin a weight loss program. The extra padding or fat is no longer needed for protection and insulation and the body is prepared to shed the weight and shift with the season.

At the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine, we understand the need for transformation and we want to support you in that process. We are offering an 8-week weight loss program to help you Spring into a New you, Detox your body, and be at your best shape this Summer!

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1.    two one hour consultations with Dr. Firlande Volcy

Prior to starting the program, you will be scheduled for two 1-hour visits.

  • First visit: During your first office visit, Dr. Volcy will review past and present medical history, discuss short- and long- term weight loss goals, perform a brief physical exam, take initial measurements, and order weight loss specific lab tests.

  • Second visit: During your second office visit, Dr. Volcy will discuss lab findings, best strategies to help you succeed with your goals, and your individualized plan for the next eight-weeks. By the end of the visit, you will be provided with a plan, a program, and weekly diet, exercise, and mind-shift challenges and worksheets.

3.    30-minute weekly follow-ups

  • Weigh-in and measurements
  • Review of food and exercise journals
  • Discussion of successes and hindrances
  • Revision of goals and goal setting worksheets
  • Assessment of progress, plan, and strategy for the following week.

4.    Health and nutrition classes/workshops

·         Knowledge is powerful, when you know better you can do better. Thus, don’t miss out on the bi-weekly health and nutrition classes/workshops at the clinic. These classes will provide valuable information on proper diet and nutrition, tricks to food shopping, reasons why your body could be holding on to weight, exercises that can enhance weight loss, and so much more. 


Phase 1: Cleansing Phase, aka weight loss jump start (2 weeks):

The first two weeks are crucial to the overall success of the program. This phase is designed to jumpstart your weight loss, boost your energy and immunity, remove toxins, fats, and mucus out of your system, heighten your awareness of food allergies, and prepare your body for the subsequent phases.

Phase 2: Fat burning Phase (4 weeks):

Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel utilized by the body. When they are eaten in excess, the body stores them as fat in the form of triglycerides. During the fat burning phase, you will allow your body to tap into its reserved fats and utilize those as fuel by switching from carbohydrate breakdown to fat metabolism.

Phase 3: Maintenance Phase (2 weeks):

You removed toxins, fats, and mucus in phase I. Maximized on fat loss in phase II. By the time you reach this last and final phase, progress should be apparent. You should feel more energized with glowing skin, mental clarity, and loose-fitting cloths. In the next two weeks, you will concentrate on adapting healthy diet and exercise routines to create permanent lifestyle changes that will support continuous weight loss.


As part of the weight loss program, you can participate in bi-weekly workshops. Those workshops are educational, fun and interactive, and designed with you in mind. Sign up today at the front desk and be on your way to optimal health!



This program was put together with you in mind. You will be provided with guidelines, tools, and the perfect environment to finally lose those stubborn pounds and make 2018 the best year of your life. Sign up today at the front desk by calling 907.452.3600 or email (click here) and be on your way to optimal health.